Welcome to my journey.

I’ve written this story many times, and seemingly a hundred different ways. I’ve edited, re written and deleted sentence after sentence, paragraph after page after entire posts. But after the years (starting from high school), I’ve always been drawn to the idea of “writing it all down”. I want to share my story in the hopes of reaching someone, even if that someone is hanging out in the mirror. 

I’ve had a few blogs here and there and always within months to a year, I’m starting a new. It never felt right. It wasn’t the right title, the right topic. But that was the problem. I spent so much trouble focusing on one path along my journey, one aspect that makes me the person, I am today. For example, one blog was about my failed relationships, one about my family’s adventures, my weight loss,.etc. All were my “next best thing,” the one that stuck. Where are they now? Floating around in a cyber graveyard. But in all that, I started to see where I went wrong. I’m a person and like everyone, I’m multidimensional, and I have MANY passions! I haven’t found my mission and guess what! I’m okay with that! It doesn’t make me lazy, or a slacker. Just means I have more roads to travel. And I have to say that idea actually excites me. 

But this is just a chronical of that journey and I’m finally getting to a place where I’m no longer trying to bypass all of the soul searching and trials so I can “FINALLY be happy.” This is me learning to love me where I am today and honoring my journey, so I can make the best of what gifts and lessons I receive tomorrow. 

Thanks for the read.


Author: Better Today than yesterday

Just a mom, learning to place self love with dedication to family.

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